My simple thoughts on the Trinity

Following a wonderful discussion with some colleagues on the nature of good and evil, I came home and did a little deep thinking (whilst enjoying my pipe of course!).  Anyway, the following were my by no means original thoughts:

– Perhaps the explanation that most makes sense to my feeble mind is starting with the proposition that God is love. It is impossible to love without something TO love. The lover must have a beloved. Given that God the Father existed before time, he must have a Beloved that also existed before time. Christ IS that Beloved, and the love that exists between God the Father and Christ is the Holy Spirit. In this way I cannot imagine a God that is not a triune God.  

– In a similar vein is the explanation of evil. Love cannot exist between man and God if man does not have free will, for it is impossible to love anything unless one is free to love or not love. And because love between God and man is the highest good, God must give man free will. And because man has free will, and because man is a fallen being, man may choose to do evil. If God were to remove man’s free will in order to prevent him from doing evil, the greater evil of the loss of love between man and God would result.

– So how to explain when God does intervene, such as in the case of miracles. Given that miracles are by there very nature a mystery, I suppose it should be no surprise that God’s reason for intervening with miracles is also a mystery. However, I believe it lends credence to the idea that the Saints are beloved by God, and when we pray to them to intercede on our behalf, miracles sometimes result. 

As I said, by no means original thoughts, but they seemed particularly clear to me tonight.


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