A Little About Myself

It occurred to me that it would be helpful to anyone who may read this to know something about my background in order to inform my perspective.

I think it somewhat obvious that I am a Roman Catholic Christian, and that fact I put above all others. I am also a married father of five children. In as much as I hail from anywhere it is the Inland Northwest, but I have lived a decidedly nomadic life and currently reside in South Texas. Professionally, I am a military Judge Advocate specializing in national security and international law (standard disclaimer about the views expressed on this site being my own). My hobbies involve spending as much time outdoors as the above vocations permit: hiking, mountain biking, skiing, and tennis when the gimpy knee permits it.


I hope this provides a bit of context into the musings that follow. And I hope no one minds if I include a few thoughts on Jayhawk basketball or Cardinal baseball every now and then.


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