Planting the Seed

Perhaps no tradition, religious or otherwise, has as rich a cultural and intellectual tradition as the Roman Catholic Church. The great educational institutes of Europe were originally centers for theological study. Many of the greatest Saints in church history are those brilliant Doctors of the Church such as Augustine of Hippo and Thomas Aquinas who were scholars as well as holy men. Likewise, the cultural treasures of the West are largely born out of Catholic tradition.

Alas, the church in the last half-century has abandoned much that tradition in the last half-century as it tried to adapt to a modern world many felt it was out of step with. The reasons for this abandonment are many, but I do not intend this blog to be wailing and gnashing over what has been lost (or at least pushed to the fringe). Rather, I want to focus on the efforts of those who have planted the seeds of regeneration in the hope that this tradition can be regained.


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